Services and strategies to revamp your security program


In the current digital age, where information is readily available and accessible across devices, the importance of data privacy and protection cannot be overstated. There is a critical need for a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that goes beyond detection and includes prevention, protection, and remediation of cyber-attacks. At Tangent Corporation, we offer a wide range of cybersecurity services with a focus on addressing the unique needs of businesses. Our team of experts assists organizations in assessing and analyzing potential cyber risks, implementing effective solutions, and continuously monitoring for real-time threats. We also provide governance, risk and compliance services, data risk management, infrastructure protection, as well as expertise in identity and access management, cloud security, and mobile security.



Identifying assets throughout the organization and devising a comprehensive plan to safeguard them.

Detection & Response

Identifying and promptly responding to detected incidents in accordance with a predefined plan.

Recover & Resume

Restoring normal operations by effectively addressing and resolving the detected incidents.