Tangent Corporation offers a comprehensive approach and deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem to drive success today and explore future prospects.

Life Sciences

Since 2007, Tangent Corporation has been delivering custom medical software development services for healthcare organizations, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and digital health startups from the US and Europe. Our healthcare software development company builds all types of medical applications for hospitals, clinics, practices, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, pharmacies, and labs.


Custom healthcare software

Software for managing medical practices

Tangent Corporation provides excellent medical practice management solutions, equipping healthcare organizations with digital tools to address clinical, administrative, and financial challenges. Our multi-purpose healthcare software streamlines the day-to-day operations of care providers by enabling efficient data management, scheduling, billing, and claims processing. Our goal is to develop innovative and effective practice management solutions that enhance the quality of patient care and optimize the operational efficiency of healthcare organizations

Information systems in hospitals

We specialize in developing custom hospital management software to streamline multiple administrative tasks, automate medical data management, and enhance the quality of patient care. Our hospital information systems are designed to facilitate the effective functioning of healthcare organizations by establishing seamless interaction between departments and minimizing the risk of human error. In addition to our hospital management software, we also develop specialty-specific medical data management solutions such as laboratory information management systems.

Telemedicine and telehealth applications

Tangent Corporation leads the way in utilizing telecommunication technologies to develop advanced telemedicine applications. Our custom telehealth apps enable remote medical care through features like video consultations, remote monitoring, and secure messaging. These apps enhance patient engagement, improve treatment outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. Our tailored telehealth solutions cater to various medical practices and specialties, ensuring seamless integration with different workflows and clinical processes. This expands access to healthcare.