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In today’s fast-paced world, there is a growing demand for applications that load quickly and provide a consistent user experience across all mobile devices. Businesses are increasingly focusing on testing and quality in order to improve the user experience and provide high-quality software solutions. Tangent Corporation, a major software testing firm in the United States, provides one-of-a-kind testing and quality assurance services to ensure that your apps provide great user experiences while maintaining the highest level of quality. Consult with our professionals if you’re looking for the best testing and quality assurance services.


How can our Independent QA service benefit you?

Stress Testing

Stress testing is employed to determine the maximum operational capacity of your applications in high-load situations. Our experienced QA testers ensure that your applications can handle heavy traffic, downloads, and usage without any failures or issues.

Functional Testing

Our expert QA testers specialise in performing extensive and high-quality testing on all elements of your applications. To guarantee that your applications fulfil our clients' specific business objectives, we prioritise user experience, performance, security, database capabilities.

Usability Testing

The purpose of the initial testing phase is to evaluate the functionality and usability of programmes. Our professional QA testers are skilled at recognising potential usability issues early on and doing extensive testing to ensure your consumers have a seamless user experience.

Compatibility Test

Tangent Corporation offers complete end-to-end testing services to ensure your application runs smoothly across many browsers and devices. Our compatibility testing finds any problems and guarantees that your software functions properly across several platforms. offering a consistent user experience.

Unit Testing

During the development of your applications, we conduct unit testing to assess the functionality of each individual unit and ensure their proper operation. Our focus is on ensuring that all components and units of your app align with our clients' requirements and meet their criteria for quality.

Security Testing

Our comprehensive penetration testing and risk assessment services ensure the protection of your apps against spammers, attackers, and hackers. Through rigorous testing at different stages, our QA testers ensure the security and bug-free nature of your software.

UI Testing

User interface testing is conducted to verify the proper functioning of the program according to expectations. It involves a comprehensive evaluation of menus, icons, and buttons in your applications to ensure they are working flawlessly and a good design.

Performance Testing

By conducting thorough quality checks and analyzing software behavior, we ensure that your apps deliver exceptional performance, scalability, and fast loading times. Our dedicated QA team consistently strives to perform high-quality testing.